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ProMag, Archangel, OPFOR, and Sparta are registered trademarks of ProMag Manufacturing. 

All magazines, stocks, and accessories are manufactured by ProMag Manufacturing.  

3rd Party Trademarks and Disclaimer

Neither ProMag nor this site is affiliated with, or endorsed by the 3rd parties.  The reference to the 3rd parties is used to identify compatibility with regard to items produced by ProMag or Archangel Manufacturing.

AK-47 is a trademark / registered-trademark of Kalashnikov USA, LLC

Colt, AR-15, Defender, Government Model and Mustang are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Colt's Manufacturing Company, LLC.

Beretta is a trademark / registered-trademark of FABBRICA D'ARMI P. BERETTA S.P.A.

Browning and Buck Mark are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Browning Arms Company.

CZ is a trademark / registered-trademark of Ceska Zbrojovka a.s.

Cobray is a trademark / registered-trademark of Cobray Company, LLC

Dupont and Zytel are a trademark / registered trademark of E. I. DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND COMPANY

FN, FN Five-seveN, FNX, PS90, and SCAR are trademarks / registered-trademarks of FN Herstal, S.A.

Galil is a trademark / registered-trademark of Israel Weapon Industries (I.W.I) LTD.

GSG, G S G German Sport Guns is a trademark / registered-trademark of German Sport Gun GmbH

Glock is a trademark / registered-trademark of Glock, Inc.

HK and USP is a trademark / registered-trademark of Heckler & Koch GmbH

Hi-Point is a trademark / registered-trademark of Strassell's Machine, Inc.

Honor Defense is a trademark / registered-trademark of Honor Defense, LLC

Iver Johnson s a trademark / registered-trademark of Henry RAC Holding Corp.

Kahr is a trademark / registered-trademark of Kahr Firearms Group

Kel-Tec, P-11, P-32, P-3AT are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Kel-Tec CNC Industries Inc.

Kimber is a trademark / registered-trademark of Kimber IP, LLC.

Llama is a trademark / registered-trademark of Eagle Imports, Inc

Magnum Research, Desert Eagle, and Baby Eagle are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Kahr Firearms Group

Marlin is a trademark / registered-trademark of Marlin Firearms Co.

Mauser is a trademark / registered-trademark of Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH

MKA, Akdal, and MKA 1919 is made by Husan Arms who is owned by EAA Corp

Mossberg, 500, 590, 702 Plinkster, 715T, Maverick, 88 are trademarks / registered-trademarks of O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc.

Para-Ordnance, Para, and Para-USA is a trademark / register-trademark of Para USA / Polyzos Athanasios.

PolyTech and Poly Technologies are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Poly Technologies, Inc., division of KFS Industries, Inc.

Remington, Model 700, Model 597, Model 870 is a trademark / registered trademark of Remington Arms Company LLC.

Ruger, 10/22, 22/44, Charger, EC9s, LC380, LC9, LC9s, LCP, LCP II, LCR, Mark IV, Mini Thirty, Mini-14, PC Carbine, Ruger American Pistol, Ruger Precision Rifle, Ruger Precision Rimfire, Security-9, SR40, SR40c, SR45, SR-556 Takedown, SR-556, SR9, SR9c are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Sturm, Ruger & Co., Inc.

Saiga is a trademark / registered trademark of Russian American Armory. 

Savage is a trademark / registered trademark of Savage Arms, Inc.

SCCY is a trademark / registered trademark of SCCY Industries, LLC

Shadow Systems is a trademark / registered trademark of Shadow Systems LLC

Sig Sauer, Sig, P220, P225, P226, P228, P229, P238, P290, P320, and P938 are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Sig Sauer Inc.

Smith & Wessen, M&P, Bodyguard, S&W, SD40, SD9, and Shield are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Smith & Wessen Manufacturer.

Springfield Armory, XD, XD-S, XD-(M), and M1A are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Springfield Armory, Inc.

Taurus is a trademark / registered-trademark of Forjas Taurus S.A.

UZI is a trademark / registered-trademark of Israel Weapon Industries (I.W.I) LTD.

Vepr is a trademark / registered-trademark of Molot-Oruzhi / Sporting Supplies International, Inc.

Walther and P99 are trademarks / registered-trademarks of Carl Walther GmbH.

WASR is a trademark / registered-trademark of Century International Arms, Inc.

Weatherby and Vanguard are a trademark / registered-trademark of Weatherby, Inc

Winchester a  trademark / registered-trademark of The Winchester Repeating Arms Company, owned by Olin Corporation.