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About ProMag

ProMag quality stands out from the crowd.
If there's one characteristic about our magazines and accessories we vowed never to change, it's the quality that goes into our manufacturing process. This dedication to only turning out superior products for dependable performance has held true since our conception. That's why each and every one of our magazines comes with a lifetime warranty. You are assured of their continuing reliability. As a result, gun enthusiasts and law enforcement personnel have continued to rely on us year after year. In fact, ProMag is one of the leading manufacturers of handgun magazines in the world. What's more, when it comes to selection, we carry magazines to fit most popular models - foreign and domestic. We are always adding new and exciting products to our magazines and accessories. We always look forward to serving you now, and in the future.
Only the finest polymers & high carbon heat-treated steel go into our magazine bodies. Those made of steel are then tig welded for strength. The springs are precision wound using heat-treated chrome silicon wire. Bases & followers are injection molded from polymers selected for their durability.
Dependability isn’t taken for granted. It’s built in.

What do we mean when we say "ProMag dependability"? Quite simply, our products are able to withstand years of constant use and still be able to perform without the slightest hint of difficulty. Each and every step of the assembly process is checked and double checked in order to maintain the same consistent level of quality.
Value that lasts a lifetime.

We're so sure of how good our magazines are, we've warrantied them for as long as you own them. This lifetime warranty is your assurance that the quality was built in before our name went on the products.
Getting your money’s worth. It’s another ProMag advantage.

Original equipment brands and shoddy merchandise can end up being quite costly. This mistake can be readily avoided by asking for ProMag as your brand of choice. Dollar for dollar, our products are the best value on the market. We competitively price at or below those of the original firearm manufacturers, or other magazine brands whose quality just doesn't measure up.
Selection like you won’t believe.
You want it, we've probably got it. ProMag auxiliary magazines help keep you armed and ready. Whatever the firearm - be it for recreational "plinking", competition shooting, or law enforcement - ProMag is the one source you can count on.
Pride and craftsmanship go a long way in ensuring your satisfaction. You're also assured of quick delivery on reorders as well as additional magazines for those hot new models that just came out.
Some characteristics of our magazines:
• Easy Loading.
• Rugged High Carbon Heat-Treated Steel Body.
• Durable Heat Treated Chrome Silicon Wire. 
• High-Quality Injection Molded Polymers for Bases and Followers.
• Manufactured & Assembled in the U.S.A.
Warranty Policy: All ProMag magazines are 100% warranted against manufacturer's defects. Unauthorized modifications or deliberate abuse will void warranty. Defective magazines will be repaired or replaced at the sole discretion of ProMag Mfg.