AAMINI - Archangel® Precision Rifle Stock for the Ruger® Mini 14/30

AAMINI - Archangel® Precision Rifle Stock for the Ruger® Mini 14/30

AAMINI - Archangel® Precision Rifle Stock for the Ruger® Mini 14/30

The new Archangel® AAMINI stock introduces a nearly indestructable,
ergonomic, adjustable stock to the Ruger rifleman.
ARCHANGEL’S® proprietary formula of carbon fiber, glass fill and polymer creates
a stock that is tough as nails and is guaranteed for life. Precision fit inlet and
ridged construction improves accuracy without need for complicated and expensive



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The AAMINI allows shooters to find their comfort zone in every firing position.
With a fully click-adjustable cheek weld and length of pull allowing a perfect
fit to the shooter for superior comfort and control, the AAMINI boasts it’s a
game changer with the best ergonomics available for the MINI 14 / Thirty platform.
The ambidextrous gooseneck stock with palm swell and effective upper
hand-guard that shields the barrel sets it apart from the competition.
“It makes the gun fun to shoot - there isn’t a better stock on the market!”
says ARCHANGEL® Director of Research & Development Mike Ballard.
In addition to its game-changing adjustability and durability, shooters will
appreciate the secure grip storage compartment, ambidextrous QD sling-swivel
sockets, a 6 o’clock forend picatinny rail, and comfortable butt grip-enhancing
surface texture for all condition shooting.

Fits Mini 14, Mini Thirty, and Ranch
variants of this legendary rifle platform.
• Comfortable in any shooting position,
not just on a bench.
• Easy to install.
• Trigger is ergonomically placed
for extreme comfort.
• Secure pistol grip storage compartment
provides a place to store essential items.
• Front and rear quick detach style flush
cups provide rapid addition or removal
of sling components.
• Forend has an integrated 6 o’clock
Picatinny rail with included cover for
mounting of lights, lasers, bi-pods, or
other compatible components.
• Flared magwell makes magazine changes
quick and easy.
• Includes an enhanced hand guard with
integrated heat shield.
• The soft rubber recoil pad is contoured and
textured for superior comfort.
• Lifetime Warranty

Made in the USA.